Due date is here..

The day I have been awaiting for the last 9 months and..you’ve guessed it..no baby as yet!

The funny thing is that I know first babies are late in 80% of cases, but there’s just a wish it will come on the day you planned (plus I love the idea of a D.O.B as 17.02.17).

So I have been checked over by my lovely midwife and all is looking good. Ace is in the optimal position for birth, and his/her head is nicely engaged.

I now have to play the waiting game..which is a little frustrating because:

  1. I am very excited to meet baby now
  2. I feel like I am walking like John Wayne so am reluctant to go too far from home

I have been reading a brilliant list on a blog called “40 ways to induce labour naturally”
(http://www.wehavekids.com/having-baby/Ways-to-induce-Labour-Naturally) and will no doubt work my way through them in the next week. If nothing has happened by next Friday I can choose to have a cervical sweep..which I am in two minds about.

I have been on a nice gentle walk and am amazed by how much more tired I am the past few days. I guess there is a whole fully grown baby living in me now that is tiring me out a bit more than it has been previously.

So, for now I am going to try and enjoy  (possibly!) my last few days of being without baby and enjoy some time with the boyfriend and do some crafty things to keep busy. My hypnobirthing and yoga are keepingimg_40911 me relaxed..and the birthing ball is something i cant recommend enough. I had braxton hicks pains last night and the ball was so much more comfy to sit on than anything else.